5 Common Causes Of Back & Hip Pain

The lumbar spine and the hip bone are directly linked with various muscles and nerves. Hence, the lower back and buttock regions often affect each other when they develop a painful condition. For example, in most chronic lower back pain cases, the movements in your hip can become tense and painful, whereas in some cases of hip dysfunction, the lower back can become stiff and painful.

Hence, when consulting a patient for back pain treatment in Dubai, Dr Sherief pays special attention to diagnosing the root cause and location of the pain. Here are some of the common conditions that are found to such back and hip issues simultaneously

Nerve Compression


When the nerves in the lumbar spine get pinched, it causes shooting pain on one or both sides of the lower back and hips. The pain may radiate down to the legs, causing fatigue and stiffness in hip movements. Sciatica is a common cause of such back and hip pain.

Piriformis syndrome


The hip rotator muscles connecting the lower back and pelvic bone help rotate the hip inward and laterally. But their overuse or constantly sitting on hard surfaces causes the piriformis muscle to spasm. The spasm typically occurs in one side of the hip with mild to the severe lower back, hip, and buttock pain. Piriformis syndrome makes it difficult to sit in one position for a long time and causes shooting pain with sudden hip movements until you seek appropriate back pain treatment in Dubai.


Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

The sacroiliac (SI) joint connects the lower spine to the pelvis bone. It is highly prone to arthritis, trauma, and overuse due to its location and affects both its ends simultaneously. Hence, any of the above-mentioned problems can cause a sharp, stabbing pain felt directly over the lower back, hip, and buttock. The pain may occur in either one or both sides of the body and flair up during specific actions like sitting, climbing, or lying down. 


Strained hamstrings

The hamstring muscles are linked with the hip bone and help flex the knee joint. But hamstring injuries due to strain or trauma can make its muscles short and stiff, preventing hip joint movements. This, in turn, can make your lower spine stiff and painful. This type of back stiffness becomes apparent when bending down or walking.

Osteoarthritis of the hip


Our joints degenerate and lose their rigidity as we age, and the hip joint is easily affected due to its obvious overactivity. This degeneration causes the hip joint to stiffen, with some patients developing a fixed flexion deformity, potentially affecting the lumbar spine region. This can cause persistent pain in the lower back and can lead to narrowing around the nerves. 

There are several other nerve and bone-related disorders that affect the lower spine/hip regions that can only be distinguished after a careful assessment and diagnosis. Dr. Sherief Elsayed is a highly trusted spine doctor in Dubai for treating such back pain conditions. Book today to seek his opinion. 

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