Spinal Conditions And Treatments

Dr Sherief Elsayed will willingly draw on his vast knowledge and experience to answer any of your queries about pathology (abnormality) affecting the following –

c spine pictures
Cervical Spine (Neck)
Back pain treatment in Dubai

Thoracic And Lumbar Spine (Upper And Lower Back)

back pain problems
Spinal Deformities
Spinal Fractures
spondylosis treatment in Dubai.
Non-Operative Management Of Spinal Conditions

Please note that Dr Sherief Elsayed will typically offer advice for you to seek a prescription from your General Practitioner / Primary Care Physician, rather than offering a prescription himself. This is to ensure that there is no contra-indication to any given medicine, no interaction with medication you may already be taking and for your primary care physician to be fully aware of suggested treatments.

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Spinal Injections
Operative Management Of Spinal Conditions

Below is a list of topics Dr Sherief Elsayed will be happy to supply information on:

sciatica treatment in dubai
Preparing for Surgery
Cervical Spine
Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
Post-operative Care

Complications Of Spinal Surgery


Most serious complications, specific to spinal surgery

Other Complications Of Spinal Surgery:-

Complications Applicable To Most Forms Of Spinal Surgery: